How Much Would the Meals in Game of Thrones Cost Today?

September 20, 2017

How Much Would the Meals in Game of Thrones Cost Today?

How Much Would the Meals in Game of Thrones Cost Today?

Game of Thrones is not a show for peasants. It is very much an exploration of the lords and ladies of Westeros, and we know they are insanely rich. Thankfully, we are not peasants here at All You Can Spice, and we know our clientele is not either. You may not be Bill Gates rich, but you are “not dying of a toothache and can afford mutton” rich. With that in mind, here is the cost for a meal from Game of Thrones that will let you feel like Westeros royalty on a Walmart budget.

Mulled Wine – 20$

No Game of Thrones meal can even start without alcohol (well, that’s the excuse we will go with anyway), and mulled wine is delicious during the fall and winter. It’s an ideal drink to warm up with, and it’s no surprise the drink is heavily favored with the men of the Night’s Watch.

Let's hope Lord Commander Mormont had had a big gulp before his northern excursion...


The drink is a type of heated wine flavored with various spices and sweeteners. In a Clash of Kings, the second book of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series, we learn from Jon Snow that Jeor Mormont, the Lord Commander, cannot go without his drink, and he likes it the Northern way. The Northerner’s don’t add lemon, as that is “the rankest sort of Southron heresy.” You do have to have, however, cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, dried berries, and, of course, wine. And it’s the wine that really determines the cost of this recipe, what kind you want and how expensive you’re willing to go.  

To make the drink you heat the wine (we recommend 2 bottles of Cabernet Sauvignon, at least) with all of the ingredients, bringing it to just below a simmer. Then you heat it for 10 minutes, and serve with a ladle. The All You Can Spice team would recommend adding a cinnamon stick to the finished product.

Honeyed Chicken – 30$

This is a meal truly fit for royalty. The Starks served it when King Robert came to visit Ned at Winterfell. Hopefully when you cook it you can avoid Ned’s fate. The key is just not to accept the position of Hand of the King.

We sure it wasn't a chicken bone that did King Robert in?

The dish is a simple meal with simple ingredients, but it is delicious. Unlike the mulled wine, where the wine is essentially the entire cost, this one is a little more expensive. It requires a whole chicken, olive oil, butter, salt, apple cider vinegar, honey, and raisins. Assuming you have ingredients like salt, the main cost will be the whole chicken.

Lemon Cakes – 35$

It’s not possible to have a Game of Thrones style feast without having lemon cakes for desert. Sansa would hunt you down if you left them out. They’re her favorite. Just listen to what she has to say to Arya when she thought Arya was being unreasonable: “"I'll go by myself then. It will be ever so much nicer that way. Lady and I will eat all the lemon cakes and just have the best time without you.”

Even though they are for dessert, the lemon cakes are both the most difficult and most expensive, but it is well worth it. Sansa loves them for good reason; they are amazing. You’ll need flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt, vanilla extract, lemon juice, butter, sugar eggs, and lemon zest. It’s not much more expensive than the main dish, but it does require more work in the kitchen.

At this point, you have to imagine it must be nice living in a castle and having servants do all the work for you. A few dragons to call your children would be pretty cool too.

Oh, you were thinking of a bigger dragon? 




What is your favorite Game of Thrones character, and what do you think was his or her favorite meal? Let us know in the comment section!

Written by: E.M. Caris

Edited by: Lee Gresham

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