Solo Seasoning 4 oz

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Recipes using Solo Seasoning: 

Lasagna Soup

Big Easy Shrimp a la Creole

Okra and Shrimp Stew



Garlic, Onion, Kosher Salt, Black Pepper, Cumin, Rice Concentrate to prevent caking, Thyme, Oregano, Parsley



An onion and garlic powder mix with parsley flakes, a dash of cumin, and other herbs and spices. 

Our Solo seasoning is All You Can Spice's customer favorite, because it can improve the games of both novice and master chefs. With its onion and garlic flavors, you can add it to literally anything that isn't dessert. We call it "Solo" seasoning, because it is the only spice blend you absolutely need next to your stove in order to be a great impromptu chef. We've used it in a cold black bean salsa, in red and white beans, on chicken and pork, you name it. If you buy any seasoning from All You Can Spice, this should be the one.



All of our products are made with all-natural ingredients. We don't use silicon dioxide like in many other seasoning products. Instead, we use rice hulls, the natural alternative. Since no natural ingredient is as effective as silicon dioxide to prevent the spice from caking, feel free to give your bottle a few shakes if you notice any clumps.

The net weight will be different with each spice blend, but they average to around 4oz per bottle. The seasoning mixes are in 8.4 fluid oz bottles. Bottle dimensions are roughly 5 1/4" x 2"

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