Themed Spice Sets

Big Easy Box

If you want to bring the flavors of Louisiana into your kitchen, the Big Easy Box is your best bet.

You can add our salt free Creole Seasoning to anything (and don't be shy; feel free to put a full tablespoon into any big pot meal you cook). Our version is not spicy, and it allows you to control your food's salt content.

To get some heat in your life, this box also comes with our Cajun blend. It's low salt but has enough, and it'll give your dishes some heat. The more you add, the hotter it'll be.

Saving the best for last, we have our Solo Seasoning, which is our best seller. It is our own unique creation of mainly onion and garlic, plus other herbs and spices. Add this seasoning to literally anything except dessert (and don't be shy, add a whole tablespoon to your pot or sauce). 

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