Every time you buy a subscription box, a contribution is made to a different charitable organization each month. You can come to this page to check updates on who the latest charity was, and how much they received. For the most part, we will be donating to small local organizations. 

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**Due to Hurricane Harvey, we are postponing our donation to Cafe Hope until January in order to allocate resources to those affected by the storm.**

The first organization to receive a donation will be Cafe Hope of the New Orleans area. Since All You Can Spice is just starting out, the donation to Cafe Hope will accumulate through the months of September and October so that the amount donated has a better chance of making a difference. Here is a summary from their website of what Cafe Hope does: 

"Café Hope is a nonprofit culinary arts and life skills program for opportunity youth ages 17-24 throughout the Greater New Orleans area. Café Hope was established in 2010 with a goal to meet the needs of the opportunity youth population so they can further themselves along the path to self-sufficiency and have fulfilling futures as valuable and contributing members of their community."
If you would like to make a donation to Cafe Hope or learn more about the organization, you can do so at their website: